Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Come See Us at the USGS Conference

MeteorComm will have a booth at the USGS 2007 Central Region Data Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 15-17. Meteorcomm CONUS is a robust data acquisition network that cover over 95% of the lower 48 states. Meteor burst communication relies on the phenomenon of reflecting radio waves off the ionized trails left by micrometeors as they enter the atmosphere and disintegrate. Billions of dust-size meteor large enough to give usable trails enter the atmosphere each day.

The operational principle is as follows: the Master Station transmits a continuous, coded signal. When a meteor appears in the proper location, it reflects that signal to a receiving Remote Station. The Remote Station decodes the signal, turns on its transmitter and reflects a signal back along the same path to the Master Station. This transfer of information can have a range up to 1600 km (1000 miles).

Join us at the event or log on to www.meteorcomm.com to find out how this technology can be used to transmit sensor data and monitoring data in those remote regions of the U.S.

Please visit the USGS website to register for the conference.

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