Friday, February 16, 2007

MeteorComm to Showcase at IWCE

MeteorComm, the company that commercialized meteor burst communications in the
1970's, made it possible for developing countries to create affordable remote climatic and
hydrologic monitoring systems that are critical to weather prediction and flood control.
This year at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE), MeteorComm
will be introducing a new multi-band, voice and data Software Defined Radio (SDR)
designed for safety critical applications.

MeteorComm has applied its expertise in reflecting radio waves off of ionized meteor
trails traveling at thousands of miles per hour to delivering reliable, mobile data and
voice communications products and network services to commercial and public safety
fleets. MBNET™, MeteorComm's peer-to-peer, mesh network protocol suite delivers
reliable, end-to-end data packet delivery for mobile applications such as mission critical
fleet tracking, messaging and status reporting. The centerpiece of MeteorComm's
hardware platform is the MCC-6100 SDR that was designed to provide interoperable data
and voice communications for the Railroad Industry and built to withstand the punishing
environment of a locomotive cab. MBNET™ and MeterComm's base stations and
mobiles have been deployed across 23,000 miles of track, that stretches across 27 States,
from the challenging Anchorage to Fairbanks rail corridor to the searing plains of the arid
Southwest. With the approval from the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA),
MeteorComm radios and MBNET™ services form the communications backbone for
Electronic Train Management Systems across the nation, operating 24/7 in a safety
critical environment.

At the IWCE MeteorComm will introduce the MCC-6100 SDR as a solution to
interoperability concerns of Public Safety, Emergency Services, Railroad Police as well
as local and state Police, Fire and Disaster Response Units. The secure private wireless
communication system that will be on display will showcase how the radio can interact
with different communication systems seamlessly and on different frequency bands.

MeteorComm™ is a wireless telecommunications company that provides reliable, cost
effective data communications solutions and services around the world through its robust
packet-switched data networks. With over 30 years of technology experience,
MeteorComm™ has been serving industries in railroad, marine, public safety and
environmental monitoring.

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